Mortgages for the Self-Employed

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Mortgages for the Self-Employed

Self-Employed? Get Mortgage Loans

People who are self-employed have traditionally had trouble obtaining mortgages. As the top provider of self-employed mortgages in Canada, Zoo Mortgage is dedicated to obtaining mortgages for self-employed individuals in Toronto.


You may be self-employed, but that means that you still have a steady income, one of the main factors in getting a mortgage. We obtain home loans for self-employed people in Woodbridge and Vaughan. As the top provider of a self-employed mortgage in Canada, we let our clients know that mortgages for self-employed individuals are the same as mortgages for people who work for an organization. However, a self-employed mortgage in Canada will examine your tax stubs over the last two years, rather than your pay stubs. Home loans for the self-employed aren't completely out of reach; you just have to approach getting a self-employed mortgage in Canada differently, with help from Zoo Mortgage. Contact us today!


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