Renewing Your Mortgage

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Renewing Your Mortgage

Renewing a Mortgage

If you're currently considering renewing your mortgage in Toronto or the GTA, Zoo Mortgage's team of experts will work closely with you to get the best rate when you renew your mortgage. When the time comes for mortgage renewal in Canada, 60% of homeowners in areas like Woodbridge and Vaughan simply sign the paperwork and send it back, never considering shopping around to get the best rate for renewing their mortgage. Don’t let yourself make this crucial mistake!


Your mortgage needs may have changed between when you purchased your home in Richmond Hill and when your financial institution contacted you about renewing your mortgage. If that's the case, contact us about your options if you're planning to renew a mortgage in Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and the surrounding areas.


One thing we recommend that anyone planning mortgage renewal in Canada do is begin looking into a new-term lease at least four to six months before your mortgage is up for renewal. This will give you time to arrange for a mortgage through a different lender in Maple or York Region. Contact Zoo Mortgage today for further assistance!


*Subject to approved credit, income verification and meeting lending credit granting criterea. Applies to residential mortgages only and some conditions may apply. O.A.C., E.O.E All content is subject to change without notice.