Mortgage Portability

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Mortgage Portability

How to Port a Mortgage

Put simply, porting a mortgage is carrying your current mortgage over to your new home. If you're planning to move to Toronto to anywhere in the GTA with lower housing prices, such as Richmond Hill, Zoo Mortgage provides clients with all they need to know about mortgage portability.


If you're planning a move and you haven't paid off your current mortgage yet, we recommend that our clients carefully consider their finances before porting a mortgage. We provide our clients with a number of tips about how they can make their mortgage a portable mortgage if they're planning to purchase a house in Woodbridge, Vaughan, or any number of red-hot areas within the Greater Toronto Area.


Mortgage portability may seem like it's a complicated subject, but our team of experts will make getting a portable mortgage easy. All you have to do is find your dream home in Maple or any number of areas we cover in the GTA. Contact Zoo Mortgage for assistance today!


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